Google Translate kills homophobic slurs

Google has said sorry after their translation app included some slurs against gay people. All Out noticed it and launched a campaign to get the offensive words removed, which Google have duly done.

In a statement to All Out, Google said: "As soon as we were informed…we immediately worked to fix the issue. We apologize for any offense this has caused people."

As you can see from the screengrab, there were some unsavoury alternatives offered before Google fixed everything up.


All Out said: "We won! Thanks to our mobilization, Google implemented a fix on Friday to take out anti-gay slurs from its translation tool." Apparently, the worst translation suggestions happened when coverting English into Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Previously Google has a good record on equality and has pulled games from its Google Play Store because they are homophobic.

All Out added: "This isn't just about political correctness gone mad. Degrading language feeds negative attitudes and stereotypes. And anti-gay slurs can lead to bullying and attacks on lesbian, gay, bi and trans people."

This, presumably, will lead a load of people to say that it is 'PC gone mad' regardless. Either way, good on Google for getting this sorted.


  • DrJogalog
    Where are the 'slurs' in those translations?
  • Mr C.
    I doubt it was much of a fight, probably just something that Google missed and when notified remedied straight away. Making out that it is a big achievement and they beat Google on something is a bit disingenuous.
  • Euan
    DrJogalog - look at the second to last line.
  • Andy
    This is clearly a good result, but exclaiming 'we won' implies somebody was attempting to stop this from happening, which doesn't seem to be the case at all...
  • James D.
    Did that really need a campaign, it probably just needed "Uh google have you seen this it's pretty offensive" "oh crap right yes, I'll get that sorted right away"
  • qwertyuiop
    Good on Google? Good on Google would be not to have these slurs appear to begin with!
  • Mad B.
    "My hovercraft is full of eels"

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