Google to take on Uber?

3 February 2015

Google-Maps A lot of people hate Uber, but there's no denying that they're everywhere at the moment, doing rather well for themselves despite all the bad press.

Despite the laws made against them, the biggest threat to their business could be Google.

A while ago, Google Ventures - the internet giant's venture capital wing - invested huge sums in Uber (in advance of $250m) and it looked like they were keeping an eye on it, and thinking about an eventual takeover. David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development, joined the Uber board of directors and is still there.

However, rumours abound that Google might be rivals, rather than the boss of Uber with mutterings that they're preparing their own taxi app service. It has been reported that Uber have been told of this and that there's even been screenshots of Google's rumoured taxi hailing app.

If Google are successful in making cars that drive themselves, then they could also end up with a fleet of autonomous taxis, which is very futuristic.

That all said, Google are currently denying all this, after firing off a tweet which said: "We think you'll find Uber and Lyft work quite well. We use them all the time."

That's not going to stop these rumours though.

While Uber's app is synced up with Google Maps software, Google will be aware that there's huge amounts of money to be made from a service like this. Uber came from nowhere and is now one of the world's biggest startups, valued at $40 billion and operating in over 54 countries. Some people don't trust the Uber brand yet, but with Google branding, they just might.

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  • patrick
    I've not had much luck with uber - one was okay but wouldn't stop talking; one didn't turn up; the next one repeatedly cancelled the journey order until "local demand" meant Uber put the price up to 1.5x the standard rate; the last drove dangerously fast through central London. I've switched back to black cabs and will only use Uber if I can't find another alternative. Driverless cars will have an interesting impact on taxis - I hope Google don't corner the market there.
  • jaffacake
    is it possible to rate your driver on uber? If not, why not!?

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