Google to take on iPad with branded Nexus tablet

20 December 2011

Bitterwallet - Google logoGoogle versus Apple. It'll never go away will it? They properly hate each other and are constantly fighting each other over patents in court.

And so, to fuel the fire of rivalry even more, following on from the arrival of the Google branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus, honcho Eric Schmidt has dropped hints that there's going to be a Google heavy Nexus tablet.

Schmidt promises that the arrival of a Google Nexus tablet will see the tablet war with Apple going ‘brutal’.

Speaking with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Schmidt said that the probable arrival of a Google tablet with the Ice Cream Sandwich device is set to land within the next six months resulting in "brutal competition between Apple and Google Android.”

Stating that Google will be “marketing a tablet of the highest quality” in the next few months, could Schmidt be heralding a true Android OS competitor for the iPad?

While Schmidt has given Apple praise, he's pretty clear on the fact that he wants to compete with Apple, stating “our companies compete, it is capitalism.”

Can anything catch the iPad?

Over on the Mobot side of the office, Lewis has been throwing together all the iPad 3 rumours here.

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