Google to produce a 3D phone

new google logo When Amazon released their 3D phone, everyone was briefly excited, before realising it is wasn't very good. Undeterred, Google and Lenovo are tag-teaming to make their own 3D handset, which they say is the first mobile to use three-dimensional mapping, which was developed for Google's 'Project Tango'.

This was announced at CES 2016, where loads of geeks have got together to look at the future of technology. The new 3D phone is a part of a new generation of smart devices that can be used for indoor mapping, augmented reality and a whole load more.

Apparently, this phone (which hasn't been shown off physically yet) will be on the large side (with a 6" display) and will cost over £300. It will be called the Tango phone, and sadly, doesn't seem to have anything to do with the Adidas ball they used at the World Cups in the '80s.

“This was not designed as a niche device,” said Lenovo vice president Jeff Meredith. “We want this to be accessible to a large audience.” Project Tango leader Johnny Lee, joined in by saying that the technology "transforms the smartphone into a magical window on the world."

A magical window!

The technology will allow you to have a more detailed map, as well as help you to take precise measurements of a room should you be shopping for some furniture or something. It'll also use depth sensing and motion tracking to create on-screen 3D experiences, if that tickles your pickle.

The phone is still in testing, but it'll "definitely" launch in mid-2016.

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