Google to offer prizes for Maps reviews

16 November 2015

Google-Maps Google really want people to get into their Local Guides program, so they're sweetening the deal by offering prizes for those who write reviews and post info about local places on the Maps app. You can get entry to exclusive competitions, up to 1TB of Google Drive storage and all that type of thing.

The guides have been around a while, but Google would obviously like to see more action on it, so they can challenge Yelp!, TripAdvisor and the like. If you write reviews, add information about opening/closing times and give insider tips, you'll get points.

Of course, the more points you acquire, the better your bonuses are. If you're Level 1, you'll get access to exclusive contests, while those on Level 2, you get to try new Google products and services before anyone else. If you're up to Level 3 in points, then you get a special badge that shows inside the app, which sounds a bit lame. Level 4'ers can get their Google Drive storage upgraded from the standard free 15GB to 1TB, which would usually cost you money.

If you get over 500 points, you'll be in an elite group of Local Guides, and you'll be eligible to go to Google's summit in 2016 at the Google campus in California. Presumably, you'll not get any of your expenses paid. Yay!

Either way, Google get loads of reviews and user data and anyone who fancies themselves as a virtual tour guide gets to flex their muscles online.

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