Google to make 'almost anything electrical'

11 May 2011

Bitterwallet - GoogleGoogle are really branching out. At times, it feels like they own the entire internet (apart from Bitterwallet who they'll have nothing to do with, but that's another story) and of course, they've just announced that they're going into the music industry (guaranteed money loser).

And now, they've decided to make "almost anything electrical". Electrical things, of course, include light bulbs, thermostats, dishwashers, dildos and electric chairs. Christ knows which they'll be going for.

Apparently, wireless technology is going to allow these devices to communicate with tablets, computers and phones for remote control and to record data. This initiative, called Project Tungsten, is Google attempts to let a range of devices “discover, connect and communicate” with each other. Isn't that the news we've all been waiting for? Here at BW, we've always wanted the ability to 'talk' to our 2 bar heaters.

Google have demonstrated how you will be able to, for example, switch lights on and off with an Android operating system and something called [email protected]

Basically, Google have been watching too many episodes of The Jetsons and... well... that's not exactly a bad thing is it. The shit heads.


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  • James D.
    A decent wireless standardisation for home automation will be fantastic.
  • Matt
    Isn't this what bluetooth was initially sold as and now pretty much just handles mobile hands free kits?!
  • dvdj
    That and PS3 pads etc! But yer bluetooth was awesome at the time, but rubbish now. Ah those were the day's, sending naughty "contacts" to any female sounding name in the pub via bluetooth!
  • ianb
    welcome to 1975. x10 has been available for years to do this surely? obligatory big bang theory video

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