Google to let you customise Gmail, for a price

google Google have confirmed that they're toying with the idea of letting you customise your Gmail address, so instead of having [email protected], you can now go for something that says [email protected].

There'll be rules on domain names and all that, but it will allow you to have something more personal to you, rather than the usual address.

Now, this will come at a cost, and it looks like Google will charge $2 per month. We suspect that Google will do the $1 = £1 rule on this, so in the UK, you'll have to cough-up a couple of quid every month. That'll give you exactly what you already have, but with a different address.

For $5 per month, you can get extra storage, coming in at 30GB, along with 24/7 support and probably some other stuff you won't use. Then, for the go-getters among you, you can spend $10 per month for unlimited storage with archiving capabilities and Google's eDisovery service.

"We know that your first choice of username probably wasn't [email protected] which is why we're experimenting with scalable ways to provide other options. This is just a test though, and we haven't made any decisions for the long term," a Google spokesperson said.


  • JonB
    Or you could buy a domain name for £5 a year and have as many email addresses as you like.
  • M
    Office 365 is only £3.10 a month and gives 50GB inbox and 1TB OneDrive...
  • jim
    can i have [email protected] :D
  • Fiyero
    I have had this for ages for free, I think they stopped signups a long time ago too (only available for businesses to pay or free for charities).

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