Google to launch phone in 2010 - or new range of dogfood

14 December 2009

google_logo What do you get if you cross the iPhone with mid 1990’s rap fad G-Funk? You get the FunkPhone of course. Or the gPhone, which is what we’re calling the new handset that is due from Google in 2010.

Other sources claim that the phone is being developed by HTC and that it will run an improved version of Android once it arrives in a few month’s time.

Google haven’t officially unveiled the thing yet, but The Register are reporting that device has been shown off to selected Google employees, with one of them, Les Hawthorn, quickly blab-blogging about the thing all over Twitter.

Sez Les: “Stuck in mass of traffic leaving work post last all hands of 2009. ZOMG we had fireworks and we all got the new Google phone. It's beautiful.” We’re choosing to ignore the fact that most of her tweet is complete and utter gibberish and are concentrating on the phone stuff instead.


More nonsense flowed later from Google’s own blog – see if you can decipher THIS, crimefighters…

"At Google, we are constantly experimenting with new products and technologies, and often ask employees to test these products for quick feedback and suggestions for improvements in a process we call dogfooding (from "eating your own dogfood"). Well this holiday season, we are taking dogfooding to a new level.

Unfortunately, because dogfooding is a process exclusively for Google employees, we cannot share specific product details. We hope to share more after our dogfood diet."

So there you have it. gPhone for 2010. Totally nailed on. Either that or the good folk at Winalot had better start quaking in their boots.


  • Tom
    Typo Other sources claim that the phone is being developed by HTC *and that it will an improved version* of Android once it arrives in a few month’s time.
  • Graham
    @ Tom Bored much?
  • I'm g.
    @Graham Dickhead much?
  • Andy D.
    @Tom. Ta.
  • Richard W.
    Tom, Thanks for filling in while I was away. Anyway, can I have a consonant please Carol. Now a vowel... Rich.
  • Gregor
    google phone info and pics
  • Ten B.
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  • Google’s B.
    [...] Googlephone/FunkPhone/Dog Food is coming, and sooner than you think too! First mooted a couple of weeks ago, it seems that Google’s smartphone effort (put together by HTC) will be unveiled as early as [...]

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