Google to launch music service... WITH A TWIST

19 October 2011

google-musicGoogle, not content with trying to take over the whole of the internet, is planning to launch a music-download service to complement the music locker, according to some div called Andy Rubin who works in the Android wing or something.

Responding to a question on the plans for a music service, Rubin said that Google is "close" to launching something that allows customers to download music. However, he said, unlike competitor alternatives, Google's offering will "have a little twist--it will have a little Google in it."

Whatever that means.

Of course, Google still needs to work out deals with labels (where these things often fall down) so any launch won't be quick.

"Google is in the very very early phases of adding consumer products to our portfolio," Rubin said. "The media industry didn't see us as that. They saw us a search company."

Yay. Another market to buy rubbish from.

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  • Ed
    “it will have a little Google in it.” Precisely halfway through every song downloaded from the service, you will hear a tiny little voice squeaking "Google!" That's the twist.
  • Dick
    I reckon they will tell you what other people that listened to this track then listened to.

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