Google to launch music service this year?

15 June 2010


According to loads of music industry types, Google appear to be priming themselves for the launch of a music service that offers downloads and streaming as early as this Autumn.

Google have already stated in the past that they want to give Android users a better choice and a better operating system for listening to music.

Basically, they want to compete with Apple's dominant iTunes and it was reported a couple of weeks ago on TechCrunch that they'd found the logo for this new music service hosted on Google's domain (more on that here).

As yet, no-one has really had the nerve or clout to take on Apple in this field and many in the music industry have been prodding and poking big-hitters like Google and Facebook to take on iTunes. As you can imagine, the news that Google is game will be good news to music industry people. If Google know one thing, it is how to monetise stuff online.

The idea behind Google Music is that users would be able to go to the market online, find a song and hit the download button and get music in the same way you obtain apps. Google acquired Simplify Media, which via their technology, will offer a desktop app that will give you access to all DRM-free media on Android devices remotely.

With Apple launching a cloud-based version of iTunes soon, Google Music needs to move quickly.



  • Alexis
    They're becoming more and more like Microsoft. Stop trying to muscle in to parties late and actually innovate like you used to.
  • Ted S.
    Google? Shitgoogle more like
  • Nobby
    > If Google know one thing, it is how to monetise stuff online. Although mainly for their own benefit, and not for the benefit of the copyright holders.
  • James
    this is bad news for apple....might put off some people that were already not sure about the iphone 4G
  • Karan
    What a load of shit. I dont want a web war about where to buy music from, I just want it for free.
  • Google g.
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  • -]
    Google - masters of copying what everyone else is doing, and making a total tits-up of the job. Stick to being a creepy search engine that mines your "customers" for every shred of info.

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