Google to launch free music service

Google are once again busy, trying to stick a massive flag in every corner of the internet, this time, launching a free music streaming service on Android.

The tech behemoth is reportedly in advanced talks with music labels in a bid to go toe-to-toe with Spotify. Of course, the music industry are well known for being fans of companies who take business away from them.

So what's the deal? Well, Google are apparently going to offer a subscription-based streaming service that would offer users pretty much the same deal they get with Spotify, as well as offering a free unlimited service which will be filled with ads. With that, we can expect Amazon and Apple to start similar projects, because that's how things work.

Of course, where Google have the upper-hand on Spotify, is that they can use all their clout and analytics to have a huge database of listening habits and more, and turn it into super-focused advertising to aim at everyone. And Google have good form with that, making almost all of its money from advertising.

Could this work, or is it just going to be another stupid Google Wave/G+ moment where the search giant will find that people actually don't want absolutely everything to be run by the same company?


  • james
    It might drive the price of Spotify down a little bit. Which would be welcome.
  • Google s.
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