Google to launch Facebook rival?

google_logoIn simpler, more pastoral times when the internet was mostly fields, Google was just a search engine. Now, it seems intent on creeping into every aspect of our lives. Unless you're Chinese.

Now Google are going to be challenging Facebook in the social networking stakes if you believe the rumours.

Kevin Rose - the bloke who founded Digg - tweeted about the existence of a potential "Facebook competitor" over the weekend saying: "Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch Facebook competitor very soon 'Google Me', very credible source." You can see the tweet at Wired here (as he's since deleted the original... the wimp).

Of course, Google have been up to all-sorts over the past couple of years with the Chrome browser, the dismally boring Wave, the inept Buzz and, sneakily enough, a social networking thingy called Orkut. You may have never heard of it, but Orkut is big business in South America and India.

It's possible that the rumoured Google Me will be an amalgamation of Orkut, Buzz, Orkut, Friend Connect, Profiles and Wave. Combining these would give Google Me a starting userbase of 200 million+. With Facebook currently having a userbase of 500 million, many of whom becoming more disgruntled with how unusable it is becoming and not to mention privacy issues, they should well be looking over their shoulder at the encroaching giant.

Thing is - do we really need a new social networking thing to waste time on?


  • Jim P.
    Would mean less time to spend at bitterwallet so must be good
  • Chris S.
    Google would never use google as a verb, espically in a product name. Im gonna vote fake, Besides they already have orcut.
  • Rob
    Google should offer an ebay alternative. Most sellers hate ebay and paypal.
  • MayContainNuts
    Will it be as good as Windows Me? Or should I wait for Google XP SP3? I'm assuming anyone with a Google account will start off with their entire life story available to everyone as was the default setting for Google Buzz, or whatever that piece of crap was called?
  • Andrew
    I agree that they should make an eBay alternative but I'd be worried about how much contol that would give them over ecommerce. They could just rank themselves as no.1 for any products that they had for sale on Googlebay.
  • The B.
    Not to mention the Internet Cafe chain they've started: Or maybe that's someone abusing Google's trademark? Surely they wouldn't have the gall to use the Google logo as part of their name would they?
  • Gunn
    Is it not the case that social networking sites are replaced over time anyway, how many more months does twitter have?
  • Elle
    Chris, surely them having google mail in the uk for ages makes your argument void? as it wasnt called gmail by many people till now? but i could be wrong:)

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