Google to launch a great big cloud of music

20 May 2010

196230-google-android-froyo_original As we anticipated, Google have today launched Android 2.2, to be better known as ‘Froyo’ (no, us neither). But Google wiseguy Vic Gundotra also gave the world a sneak peak of another forthcoming concept – and it’s got the makings of being an iTunes-killer.

Before too long, Android users will be able to download an app from the Android Market and then have it automatically download to all of their Android devices. Now take that concept and apply it to music.

With the new system, you’ll go to the Market, choose a song to buy, click on ‘download’ and it’ll download to all of your Android devices simultaneously (or at least we assume it’ll go to the ones you’ve selected for downloads). Music in the cloud.

Details are still sketchy and no prices have been revealed yet, but it could be another boot in the balls for Apple and their old-fashioned iTunes nonsense. It’s all going to kick off with this one we reckon…

[Tech Crunch]


  • greg
    i promise you this will not be an itunes killer
  • InYoFace
    I don't think people will pay for songs when they can use i music for free. Look it up in the market!
  • Ben M.
    "froyo" is short for Frozen Yoghurt. Quite why they picked a name that makes us think of fart-inhaling hippies or pretentious wanke.... oh, never mind.
  • (jah) w.
    I think BW know exactly what froyo means, especially as they had an article earlier in the week that explained it. =] I guess the "(no, us neither)" was for comic effect. Also, won't be an itunes killer? Itunes killed itself long ago. Big bloaty mess. Even the most ardent of macfags that I know use an alternative to sync their ipods.
  • Now B.
    [...] Google have been full of big ideas this week, including putting all the music ever made and sticking it in a big cloud. [...]
  • rob
    froyo reminded me of frodo from lord of the rings???
  • Wonky H.
    Hello Rob, do you think for Frodo a lot?

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