Google to face EU anti-trust probe

Google to face EU anti-trust probe

There's loud rumours about a third antritrust investigation being thrown Google's way.

Reports state that the EU is going to launch another probe into Google, with the latest investigation relating to the tech-giant's advertising services.

It seems that Google's rivals have submitted complaints to the EU, relating to Adwords and AdSense. Complaints go back as far as 2010, over exclusivity clauses and restrictions imposed on advertisers, which are deemed to be unfair.

Google make a huge amount of money from advertising – they raked in $18 billion of their $20 billion revenue for the three months ending March 2016. It's no joke.

There's two more antitrust investigations against Google that the EU are running, with one relating to Android, the other regarding Google's shopping search service.

The crux of the matter is this - people think that Google promote their own wares over the services of rivals, and that's an abuse of power, or at least, not fair trading.

EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager said that Google had "abused its dominant position" in the mobile market, reducing competition by giving incentive to mobile makers to pre-load Android apps on devices.

Of course, Google object to all this, saying that these partnerships are voluntary. And of course, if Google get stung on this, then Apple could be facing similar investigations if they're thought to promote their own software and apps on their devices too.

We'll wait for the investigations to conclude.

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