Google to ban Flash

Google to ban Flash

The recent problem with Adobe's Flash, and subsequent update, is clearly the straw that broke the camel's back for Google.

They're looking at banning it from Chrome, completely.

Ever since Apple's Steve Jobs basically slagged it off in his 'Thoughts On Flash' piece, everyone has been piling on, saying that they hate it.

What hasn't helped Adobe's cause, is the volume of security flaws that have been found in the product. It looks like Google have had enough, and are looking to block it from their browser.

It looks like it'll be happening at some point this year, mostly likely toward the end of 2016. Google will be blocking Flash on most websites by default so, if you desperately need to use it for some reason, you'll have to do it on a site-by-site basis.

Of course, some big sites still use it, and it looks like Google won't ban it on those. That means you won't have to keep switching Flash on if you want to use YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Twitch, Yahoo, and others.

That said, it looks like this reprieve will only last for 12 months, as Google basically give everyone time to come up with an alternative arrangement, before they permanently ban Flash content.

If you want to ban all Flash content yourself on Chrome, it is very simple to do.

Basically, go into Chrome's preferences page, hit privacy, then content settings, and there you'll see the option to “choose when to run plugin content".

Enable that, and it'll block all Flash content until you say you want to run it.

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