Google Street View - childishly simple actually

10 September 2009

Google’s Street View is slowly pictorially mapping the world, one street at a time, but it’s got a lot of people up in arms. They’re shrieking that their privacy is being invaded the roaming Street View cars and their evil snapping cameras.

Thankfully, Google Japan have lifted the lid on exactly how Street View is put together in this short film that’s worthy of one of Aardman Animation’s more syrupy moments. Aww, look, it’s all done by a cute ickle robot all on his own. There’s nothing sinister about any of this.

What you don’t see is the part where enraged residents of a sleepy village trap the camera car by barricading the only road to freedom before setting fire to the poor little chap as they all jump about clapping and laughing.


  • Gunn
    Nice find, what a brilliant video. if they'd used that for the marketing campaign, they might have had a warmer reception.
  • Ian
    That was pretty cute
  • Nobby
    Where's the pissing boy and the flashing woman?
  • goon
    where is the vending machine selling used schoolgirls knickers ?
  • Tom P.
    Posted by goon | September 10th, 2009 at 6:24 pm "where is the vending machine selling used schoolgirls knickers ?" Why would you want those?
  • goon
    Tom Pickering
  • Lefty
    What I want to know is......... Why do they want to photograph every street? Whats in it for them?

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