Google steps up to the cloud with Chrome OS

Yesterday evening Google announced the next stage of its Chrome operating system, by open-sourcing the code for developers to begin building our brave new world. Google sees a future where we run all programmes online through a browser, and we wave goodbye to installing software on our PC or laptop - while it could revolutionise home and business computing, Microsoft and its software empire appears to be the number one target.

Here's there official video to explain it - for some reason they've chosen-a voiceover-with. William... Shatner's. Enunciation. KHAN!!!!:


  • Shopdis F.
    Shame Google Chrome is so fucking shit. A joke of a browser and they we are now going to trust them with an Operative System, what planet are these guys on?
  • Name (.
    So Google decided to 'completely rewrite the browser' and came up with one... exactly like all the others... wow.
  • Gunn
    Why do you say Chrome is not any good? compared to what?! IE? surely that's the worst browser made. I've only started to use Chrome and it works fine for me, its quick, uncluttered and hasn't crashed on me yet unlike IE
  • Mark M.
    Wow, this will revolutionise the way I use my PC when I take into account my crappy 1/2 meg connection! The future just got a lot slower for me
  • NobbyB
    Will they promise not to snoop on what we are writing if we use an online word processor?
  • David
    I doubt you can do Photoshop or video editing with it.
  • Tom P.
    There's a spunk stain on the top right hand side of that paper.
  • Masood
    Sounds a very groundbreaking idea but full of so many pitfalls. What about drivers for pripherals? I am not just talking things like optical drives but a whole host of other things eg my laptop has a fingerprint reader, soft key buttons etc etc that only work with Vista (there are no Windows 7 drivers available). I am sure other people will have really obsure hardware too. So, for this to function, Google have to have every single driver for every piece of hardware ever made ported to Google OS. It sounds like a tall order even for a company with Google's resources. The other thing is, in the early years of computing there was this mainframe type of thing you logged into and all the processing was done on the mainframe rather than locally. We went away from that with good reason, but it seems we are now going back to it. Just how much processing power would be needed to run this online? Google is heading towards being Skynet.
  • Mike
    Chrome is crap. I like the idea of all this but how crap is web software, look at google documents. Google are taking over the world, just behind greggs the bakers.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    What planet are all the Chrome haters on? Its my preferred browser on my three PC's and I have FF and IE on them all too. Chrome quicker than all of them, simple to use, uncluttered.
  • Brian
    Hello, i'm Brian. I like shiny things.
  • Terrence D.
    Brian your a tosser
  • andrew
    HELLO..... hello IS that Skynet calling i think so plus does this mean "our friends" will have to pay for thier programes?
  • Brian
    That's an impostor. I'm the real deal.
  • Alan
    All it is is a chopped down Ubuntu Linux with the Chrome browser and a new front-end anyway.
  • Mandy B.
    Chrome browser is wank, the OS will be no different. And who the hell would trust google? They spy on everything they can anyway - why would anyone give them even more access?!

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