Google set to announce Music Beta cloud thing


Here is an announcement about an announcement. Later on Google will make an announcement. It will be about Music Beta by Google, their new cloud-based service that will allow users to upload as many as 20,000 music tracks to be accessed via streaming on Android phones, tablets and computers.

The new service will be similar in concept to Amazon’s recent cloud music wheeze but will probably knock Amazon’s version into a cocked hat, what with the storage capacity being 20 times larger. Hopefully it’ll also be easier to operate than the Amazon version, which one fictional user recently described as ‘like trying to put Jupiter inside a tiny top hat’.

Awkwardly, Google hasn’t gone into this with the co-operation of the major music companies, which means that sharing and buying music a la Spotify isn’t going to be part of the service any time soon. Also, there’s the not-so-small matter of having to upload as many as 20,000 of your songs to their frigging cloud in the first place, which could potentially be a time-sucking nightmare.

It seems as though the Beta part of the name is going to be hugely significant, and Google have rushed this music service out as a response to Amazon’s effort. If it’s going to take off, it’ll need to get pretty snazzier pretty quickly.

That is the end of this announcement about an announcement.



  • Sawyer
    Not sure you're right on the beta thing. A beta version of a Google product is pretty much the same as the final release - just look at Gmail which was beta for around 4 years. I reckon the big thing will be whether Google can roll this out worldwide from the off (I'm thinking yes), because Amazon have a track record of being a bit slow with countries outside the US. You seem to have not mentioned that for us UK users, Amazon's "cloud music service" is actually just online storage - the streaming part doesn't work. And since Google aren't integrating a music store, it means there's no need to negotiate rights and terms for every region in the world, as presumably Amazon and others have to do for supplying their content.
  • Sawyer
    Actually, scratch that. "We're sorry. Music Beta is currently only available in the United States" That's the message for non-US users who try to sign up at

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