Google searches for "second hand" on the increase

The research guys at Hitwise report that the Google searches using the keywords "second hand" are up 22% in the past 12 months. The top searches for those interested are:

1. second hand cars
2. second hand books
3. second hand car prices
4. second hand furniture
5. second hand bikes
6. second hand car values
7. second hand laptops
8. second hand wedding dresses
9. second hand air rifles
10. second hand car sales

The assumption is, wait for it, credit crunch. Yes you saw that coming didn't you. Considering there was a jump in January 2008 and then again only in mid-July it seems this might be wishful thinking. Consumers are getting smarter with buying online and part of that is an increased acceptance of personal trading and sites like Freecycle. You don't have to be in a credit crunch to want a freebie.

The increased annoyance with eBay from anyone other than those involved in reselling Chinese crap from Alibaba means more business is moving to Craigslist and Gumtree. Considering eBay has bought out Gumtree and has a share in Craigslist that's no skin off their back. Again this probably has less to do with a credit crunch and more to do with the increase in online intelligence among consumers.

So what does the data mean? Bitterwallet would say more bitter consumers are getting smarter about paying exorbitant PayPal and eBay fees and learning about alternative ways to buy, sell and trade online.

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