Google reveal driverless car

google car Future despair news now, as Google have invented the self driving car!

Google being Google, they've looked into the apparent misery of car driving, and solved the only way they know how. With MURDER* (*software).

They've been at it since 2009, and the prototypes have logged up to 700,000 hours worth of work on them.

They hope to have them ready for public consumption after 2017. So no hurry at the moment. It will probably be nearer 2020.

The idea behind this is to make the roads safer, as car crashes are still very much a thing.

Although how a few people in Google cars up against the billions driving still vrooming about in bangers is going to be in any way safe, remains to be seen.

Christ, if only they could pour their efforts into making jetpacks, then THAT would be news.

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