Google: Protecting your home with CCTV

27 May 2014

google-plus-logo Pretty soon, Google could be protecting your house with surveillance. No, they're not taking Google Earth to the next logical step and filming our every move, but rather, there's a possibility that they're going to introduce Google CCTV.

Apparently, Google are looking at buying home security camera firm Dropcam. They offer CCTV that is connected to your internet and you can control things through a special phone/tablet app.

With it, you can look at live feeds, zoom in on passers-by and record footage as well as switching on night-vision and having two-way talk back.

Wait. That is the next step for Google Earth isn't it? We're all doomed.

Google's Nest department are weighing up the deal, so through the internet giant, you can heat your house and spy on anyone near it. You can be the most modern Colonel Kurtz on your street, whispering "the horror... the horror..." at trick or treaters.

Google have obviously noticed that Apple are making moves to turn the iPad into a universal remote control for your entire house. Apple want you to control everything from your TV to your washing machine. If both companies get on this, they'll no doubt have a way of harvesting personal information from your actions, and make a lot of money selling that on to advertisers.

We may as well get the barcodes tattooed on us now. It's too late for us all.

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