Google polishes Chrome OS news and launches web store

Bitterwallet - Google Chroms OS test notebookYesterday was a very excitable day for Google fans. First was the announcement that Google's notebook operating system, Chrome OS is on the way - but not until mid-2011.

It's Google's attempt to move operating systems off machines and into that nebulous faraway land called 'the cloud'. The benefits of doing so would mean system updates could occur without the users doing the heavy lifting, less reliance on a machine's local storage and the ability to sync desktops everywhere - log on to any machine running Chrome OS, and it would always be your desktop, bookmarks and apps that appear.

The downside to placing all your trust in Google would surely be that Google becomes your internet. As big as they are, Google have proved they're not infallible - in the past year, GMail has suffered at least two serious outages that have crippled users. If a cloud-based operating system went down, what would be the implications?

If only you lived in the US, then you could apply to be a Chrome OS beta tester and receive a free notebook. Bah. When the Chrome OS eventually goes live commercially in mid-2011, it'll be available on Acer and Samsung Chrome notebooks.

Bitterwallet - Chrome Web Store

Meanwhile, if you already use the Chrome browser, you may have noticed the appearance of the Chrome Web Store. It allows users to download web apps into their Chrome browser - some are free, some will cost you. As well as generating yet another revenue stream for Google, it'll allow developers to monetise their apps and distribute them direct to a wider audience. Let the next generation of porn/fart applications be born.

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