Google Play Music to kill off Spotify?

16 May 2013

Google_Play_Music-icon Google have launched a subscription music streaming service in a bid to get one over Apple and potentially kill off Spotify.

The service, clunkily called Google Play Music All Access, has been unveiled at Google I/O, where it was revealed that you'll be able to do exactly the same thing as you can do with Spotify. Basically, you can 'listen now', search for artists and make mixes and the like.

Chris Yerga, Google's engineering director, said: "This is radio without rules. It's as 'leanback' as you want to, or as interactive as you want to."

One crucial difference is that there's no tie to Facebook, which may be something of a godsend for future users.

In the US, All Access will cost $9.99 a month after a 30-day free trial. Those who sign up before 30th June will get a reduced price of $7.99 per month.

Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI, said: "Streaming is the fastest growing part of the £330m digital music sector in Britain... with more than a million paying subscribers already and millions more enjoying free and ad-supported music. The entry of a player with the reach of Google will persuade many more consumers to experience having millions of songs to play instantly on their phone, tablet or PC."

Are you convinced enough to quit Spotify or Grooveshark?

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  • Studley
    Nope. Spotify has an actual business model (loss-making as it is). Google might just turn this off on a whim, like they're doing with Reader. Making me transfer 100 RSS feeds elsewhere was faintly annoying; I'm not going to commit to building acres of playlists if they're likely to vanish when a new engineering director comes in.
  • SteveG
    Google didn't get any revenue from Reader. I can't see them shutting this down if they've got millions of paying subscribers. Anyone know when it's available in the UK?

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