Google planning online store to flog tablets

30 March 2012

android_logoGoogle, determined to take over the world in a similar fashion to Apple, are going to open an online store that will sell tablets directly to consumers. Cut out the middle man and all those lovely profits, eh?

The store will be selling Google-branded tablets as well as models made by Samsung and Asus according to reports, although, thus far, Google are keeping quiet about it all.

Of course, this isn't the first time Google have tried their hand at selling their own wares. Their first hardware store saw slow sales and the ceased trading in mid-2010.

However, Google have been ramping up their profile of late and are hoping for greater successes, mainly due to the fact that tablets are the soup of the day. There is something of a gap in the market as many mobile outlets are reluctant to push tablets because consumers don't tend to use them via mobile networks.

Google have a tall task ahead of them though, as Apple currently have 70% of the tablet market, such is the rampant success of the iPad.

There's no date set for the online store as yet.

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  • A F.
    Google are a government agency
  • A F.
    How do you delete messages? I just realised I've sent this from a Google smartphone. I'm as good as dead
  • Mike H.
    Why the fuck don't they just sell them through the usual channels?
  • Friendly O.
    Dear A family... Congratulations!! Your friendly android overwatch office has awarded you a secret special prize. To claim please bring your passport, driving licence and birth certificate to the following address. Google London Google UK Ltd Belgrave House 76 Buckingham Palace Road London SW1W 9TQ United Kingdom When you arrive please ask to speak to the 'Fat Controller'. If not, please tell us when you're next home alone and some men will come and discuss your prize. Thanks
  • catweazle
    Betcha cutting out the middleman don't cut out the middleman's cut.
  • Boris
    Do not buy tablets online. I bought some for a friend and they did not work at all. Used Google to find them too - cunts.

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