Google pay out $22m for spying and makes plans to publish your email address

10 August 2012

Bitterwallet - Google logoGoogle are coughing up a record $22.5million fine to try and settle allegations that they secretly tracked millions of people that use Apple's Safari browser. Yet, despite this Federal Trade Commission fine, Google still isn't actually saying they've done anything wrong.

Google are saying that the fine doesn't directly pertain to data collection, but rather, for misrepresenting what was happening.

The FTC opened their investigation after a researcher found that Google had overridden Safari safeguards that were in place to stop third parties from monitoring browsing activity without a user's permission.

Goes against Google's 'don't be evil' motto, eh? Elsewhere, the web giant is trying out a new feature which will allow people to search for your email address online.

"Sometimes the best answer to your question isn’t available on the public web – it may be contained somewhere else, such as in your email," says Amit Singhal, Google’s senior vice president in charge of search. "Starting today, we’re opening up a limited trial where you can sign up to get information from your Gmail right from the search box."

Making people's email addresses available online? While it could be useful, the potential for it to go wrong is massive.


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  • M4RKM
    Searching for your e-mail address, is something totally different to being able to search within your e-mail from the google search box. I'm not sure whether you've grasped that concept correctly in the article. Furthermore, the security aspects of that, are only exactly the same as the security around your gmail account in the first place.
  • Let a.
    Are they saying they will publish email addresses or that users are able to search their Gmail through a Google search box as opposed to searching it through the Gmail search box? Seems to be two very different propositions.
  • Let a.
    M4RKM, beat me to it....
  • Kevin
    Hands up who has actually read what's in their terms and conditions?
  • Idi A.
    Cut 'n' Paste journalism at its sloppiest.
  • O D.
    But why bother? It's Apple users, it'll all be vacuous, self-indulgent wank anyway.
  • Me
    Cut ‘n’ Paste journalism at its sloppiest. What else did you expect from Moff?
  • Sicknote
    22 million dollars....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...pause for breath....ha ha ha ha ha They spend more than that of loo paper; does this even register for them on the balance sheet...?

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