Google patent watch that sucks your blood

new google logo Google, have immense control over millions of people's virtual world, so obviously, the next step is to actually get inside your body. They've got the creepy 23andme wing, where they can store your DNA, and now, they've just patented a watch that'll suck your blood.

That's right! The internet giant has filed a patent for a smartwatch which can suck on the veins of a wearer, so they can extract small blood samples for tests and analysis.

They're not doing this just for the fun of it - Google have long been interested in health projects, with a particular eye on diabetes. The company have already talked about their special techie contact lenses, which will test your eye-goo for illnesses, and now, they're looking at watches for people who vomit at the idea of putting anything on their eyeball.

The patent for this blood watch says that the technology in it will use a micro particle that is blown into the patient’s skin using a high pressure gas barrel, so there'll be no need for a needle to obtain your blood. It'll then suck it back from your wrist into a low pressured barrel. It'll be pretty much painless, apparently.

While Google are trying to make everyone healthier and whatnot, we're waiting for some Texas crackpot podcasters to decide that this is a surefire of computer viruses making the leap to humans. We can't wait.


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