Google - now almost as up-to-date as... the internet!

Google Popeye Sit tight children, for Google just got a little bit more, erm, Googlier.

The king of the search engines has been enhanced and will now contain “real time web” results, from sources such as the tweets of Twitter users, the flannel of Facebook friends and stuff from MySpace (if that's still going, we're not sure.)

The idea, according to Google, is to provide users with bag up to date info about stuff what’s going on and that, just like Twitter’s search facility already does. The “as it happens” results will be shown in a separate, constantly updating stream aside from the regular search results, hopefully creating the same frisson that one used to get from watching the football results pop up on Grandstand’s videprinter a thousand years or so ago.

But that’s not all. In what’s sure to be a huge poke in the eye to critics who called Google Wave a pointless waste of old internets, they have now launched Google Goggles. It sounds like it might be pointless but in fact it will enable us all to take a picture with a mobile phone to perform a search.

Google will compare your snap with the masses of pics in their database before providing you with accurate information about the thing you’re looking at, helped no end by the use of GPS location-tracking software.

Don’t bother trying it with a picture of your penis. Tried it. Does not compute. Probably because it’s so inordinately huge. Ahem.


  • Nobby
    It would be good if they had a tick box to turn off results from specific websites, especially sites full of crap like facebook and twitter. Even better, if they had an advanced option "never show me results from ... " and you could list sites that you do not want searches from.
  • My B.
    Great idea Nobby - sharp letter to Google at once!
  • not m.
    Erm they do
  • Guybrush T.
    Just to say the photo thing is rubbish. It matched my personal photo to Nelson's column and my name is not even Nelson. Rubbish! (Admittedly I did use the zoom)
  • dunfyboy
    At least they're keeping the [email protected] and MyShite results separate. These sites are usually populated with the types of fucktards whose opinions I couldn't give a rat's arse about in the real world.
  • zeddy
    Hey Andy! I took a pic of my knob and thanks to Google I now know what you look like! I'm so embarrassed for my cock.
  • Matt. S.
    took a picture of the missus and it said i was at the grand canyon! what's all that about
  • charitynjw
    Where's my bag?? (see blurb above)

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