Google Nexus has wireless charging - please can everything else have it already?

20 November 2013

Owners of the Google Nexus 7, Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 now have the option of charging their gadget without wires, ridding them of awful tangly wires. Apart from the wire to the charger itself of course.

Sadly, it is American-only at the moment, and it costs $49.99 from Google Play. It works by snapping your device magnetically, which means it eliminates the problem of broken ports and wires.

wireless charger

There's no news as yet about the release of the charger in the UK. When it does, it'll probably go for £49.99 (as that's the way things seem to go thanks to technology companies and their jazz-like take on currency conversions.

However, this does look like a peer into the future, so here's hoping someone bright makes a universal, wireless charger for all our devices.


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  • klingelton
    "as that’s the way things seem to go thanks to technology companies and their jazz-like take on currency conversions." It's worked out based on what the market is prepared to pay for an item. The british market will pay more for its goods, therefore we're rinsed.
  • Matt
    Any Qi charger will work, so there no need to wait for Google to make theirs available in the UK.
  • leeisgod
    Some Nokia's have this already, hardly news and it doesn't have to snap into place either, just sots on top.
  • Sarah
    As Matt said. ANy old Qi charger will work. So it's not just US only. And it's been around for years, the Nexus 4 had it for example, as did loads of other phones and devices using, for example, the pre-Qi PowerMat system. Qi chargers are about £15 on ebay / Amazon etc. All a bit of a no-news, then.
    Buy a universal charger off E Bay for £i.49 charges most things
  • Eric C.
    Thanks to all the above for underlining where mof's point was in the original post.

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