Google must remove your dodgy pasts

19 May 2014

google_logo Google has been inundated with more than a thousand take-down demands over the last few days, after a European Court ruling last week.

Such stuff as attempted murder convictions, affairs, child abuse image collecting, and, well, anything you can imagine is the sort of thing people want to cover up.

Half the requests half come from the UK, from people who want love-child exposes written out of history, and - curiously - MPs who are seeking re-election. Businesses are also quite keen to remove links to forums where they've been kicked around by consumers.

Tax dodging is also a popular exploit that people seem keen to cover up too, although you get the impression that if this information was already in the "public" domain, then it will find some way of leaking out.

Following last weeks decision by the European Court of Justice, Google and their like may now face legal action if they refuse to remove information deemed inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant.

There are mixed feelings about this, with EU Commissioner Viviane Reding reckoning it was a victory for the protection of personal date, but old Wikipedia dude Jimmy Wales claims it is one of the most wide-sweeping censorship rulings he'd ever seen.

Still, at least we can wipe away our pasts as, for instance, bigamists, murderers and that week we went on a crack bender with some of the cast of that soap.

Taking screengrabs is going to become increasingly popular, eh?

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