Google Music is here to trample all over iTunes Match...

If you still haven’t got into iTunes Match (whether you couldn’t figure out what it was, didn’t like the idea of paying £22 a year, couldn’t be bothered, never knew it existed), you might not be in a hurry to start now.

You might well be more inclined to take a look at Google’s new similar service, Google Play Music, that is FREE. It’ll match your library of music tracks and let you stream as many as 20,000 of them to any Android device with a connection.

If it can’t find some of your tracks in its hefty ‘cloud’, you can upload them and let them rain down into your Android device that way. Music can also be purchased from Google Play Music, with choons starting at 79p a pop.

So then – in summary – a Google version of iTunes Match, but without the nasty £22 a year fee. Seems reasonable.


  • Spencer
    I smell an apple scented law suit on the way.
  • spencer
    1. Apple take existing technology - release it as 'their' technology but with the letter 'i' in front of it. 2. Competitors also release existing technology - often with additional features and/or lower price tag. 3. Apple sues competitor. 4. Android users laugh at iDiots... Apple users don't care - they have apple products that they just know are better. How many more times? seriously....?
  • Chris M.
    I'm Chris Moyles and I'm going to eat you Andy.
  • foxes
    @spencer iTunes was not existing technology which they just added an "i" to. The iTunes match service did not exit before Apple did it. The fact you can buy some flaky copy full of malware does not mean you are getting the real thing.
  • Mustapha S.
    Google reckon it will stop Piracy. So I take it that all the music is free as well then?
  • Scaramanga
    @foxes: I can't figure out what your comment 'The fact you can buy some flaky copy full of malware does not mean you are getting the real thing' is referring to. Are you saying that Google Music is flaky and full of malware?
  • horny p.
    the music costs you asshole!

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