Google Maps - on steroids

4 November 2011

Some smart cookies at C3 Technologies have come up with something that makes Google Maps look like Teletext graphics with their photo-realistic 3D city maps. There really is no point us talking about it when you can dribble over the video below.

No news about when it'll be free to roam in, nor indeed, how far it is away from being a complete service like Google Maps. However, it does look very, very nice and there's some serious finance behind it too, with reports saying that Apple have already bought the company for a hefty sum of cash.

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  • SJT
    I wish he and the camera would stay still. I lasted about 45 seconds into the talking before I started feeling seasick...
  • Dick
    Looks like a five minute fun toy, but how does it do at street level?
  • oliverreed
    Very impressive, dump GTA in this and they are laughing!
  • The B.
    It looks quite slow on the rendering side of things, give it a couple of years and it'll be there.
  • Comecon
    The Galaxy Tab or any other Android devices aren't going to be utilising this technology anytime soon then, if indeed Apple has bought the company...

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