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Google, eh? One day it will rule us all with an iron fist in some black-and-white Orwellian futurama. But until they turn and reveal their true intent, we'll have to put up with some smashing stuff which is either helpful or a complete waste of time.

Take Google Maps, for example. Not only are they excellent for zooming in on your house to see which car you owned when the photo was taken, but you can create mash-ups that allow you to do all sorts of other nonsense with them. US shoe retailer Zappos has created a map that shows footwear sales in real-time across the world. Alternatively there's Knitmap which displays the stockists of yarn, thread and wool closest to you:

Google Maps Mania has hundreds of mash-ups in its archives, some of which may actually prove to be useful, such as - a map of real-time flights over Sweden. Well, it'll be useful if you live in, or are due to fly over Sweden, at least.

[Google Maps Mania]


  • Andy
    Nice, i can see which crappy SAS flights are over my house
  • Fayshun
    When is the Burgle-Me additiion to Google Streetview coming out?

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