Google Maps – Climate Change edition

Have you ever wondered what your city will look like when the world is submerged under water?


Well, environmental awareness organization Carbon Story has launched a hack for Google Maps called World Under Water that gives you a sneak preview of Armageddon.

Yes, when the sea levels rise and we’re all swimming about, dying of legionnaire’s disease and cholera and wearing waders, this is what it might look like.

Go to the website and put an address or landmark into the search bar, and you’ll see your favourite place waterlogged with 6 feet of water.

OK, so it’s not exactly accurate, because it doesn’t take elevation into account, and obviously not everywhere will be under 6 feet of water. But it’s a sobering visual reminder that we’re all f****ed.

And it might be a bit timewasting and obvious, but even so, it’s a really strong environmental message, dude.

(The message is – buy a boat.)

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