Google looking to buy out Tesco's ClubCard?

19 June 2015

tesco clubcard Not content with watching you in your home and trying to take over the whole of the internet, Google are now looking at Tesco's customer loyalty wing, and weighing up a joint takeover bid with one of the biggest buyout firms in the UK.

It has been reported that Google is in talks with Permira, and are thinking about buying Dunnhumby, the people behind Tesco's ClubCard.

Of course, there's a lot of data on human beings that Google can hoover-up, if this proves to be a successful takeover. There's nothing Google like more, than crunching the numbers from the data analysis of human beings. That said, they're not the only ones sniffing around Dunnhumby.

Alas, the other companies involved aren't as famous as Google, so we're not writing about them.

There's been a lot of interest around Dunjumby, which was originally valued somewhere in the region of £2bn, but it looks like it is actually worth half that amount, as previously reported.

Either way, Tesco have a lot of losses to contend with, with the widely reported £6.4bn annual loss for last year. Google - they're trying to take over the entire world, aren't they?

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