Google launches Glass in London

24 June 2014

google glass Google have launched their wearable goggles, Glass, in London. The Guardian are set to be stocking up in a bid to look ahead of the game while the Daily Mail are furiously writing 1,000 op-ed pieces about how evil the whole idea is.

The internet giant has launched their Explorer Programme which now allows anyone over the age of 18 to buy a pair of Glass(es), despite still being in the prototype phase.

And it'll cost you £1,000.

That won't matter to tech-savvy Londoners with money to burn - soon, they'll be annoying everyone on the train or in coffee shops by talking to their specs by saying "Glass, which is the most annoyingly named craft beer I can buy?" as well as; "Glass - search dominatrix services in the Shoreditch area".

Of course, it isn't all about looking for dark sexual gratification - you can watch videos, read emails and other stuff which you can do with your phone or tablet. However, Glass leaves your hands free to rub your thighs and give people the middle finger.

At the UK launch, Marketing Director of Google Glass Ed Sanders said: "One of the reasons we're here in the UK is the country's spirit of innovation. The consumers, developers and inventors in the UK have a very rich heritage of embracing new technology."

"Glass is not a finished product yet and part of the spirit of the explorer programme is so that we can work closely with developers and consumers in the UK at a local level to find out what will take the product forward."

However, the fact that British people are a little more reserved than our American cousins may mean that this device is hamstrung initially.

We await the first arrest from someone using Glass while driving.

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