Google launch the 32GB Nexus and drop the price of the 16GB

google nexus 32gb To the surprise of no one at all, Google have announced the release of a 32GB Nexus 7, with 3G offered as an option with the new, larger version of the tablet.

As a result of all of these doings, the RRP of the 16GB model has dropped as well That now goes for £159, with the 32GB costing £199 (wi-fi only) and £239 (wi-fi and 3G). The 3G connectivity will be provided by Three.

It means that the 16GB will be a whopping £110 cheaper than the equivalent version of the iPad Mini, and it’s hard to see how the casual shopper would choose the pricier Apple version over the Nexus.

What do you lot reckon? Is it all over for Apple now? Yeah, it pretty much is, right?


  • Sawyer
    You really think this is a response to the iPad Mini? I'd suggest the prices are to match the Kindle Fire HD, which is a closer competitor offering the same storage options.
  • Badger
    Damn right it's all over for Apple. I mean, their down to their last $81 billion. And that's just cash reserves, never mind their assets and intellectual property. You better start issuing a Deathwatch on them.
  • Tweedskin
    It also coincides with the launch of Jelly Bean 4.2 which allows multi user access so doubling up the storage effectively gives 2 users 16gb each. The 32gb Nexus 7 will also be the first android tablet with 4.2.
  • foxes
    It's all going to be fine until the first major malware strike sends android, linux and the whole sorry opensource mess to hell
  • M4RKM
    Build Quality, Ease of Use, Software, Integration into existing systems. All these obviously mean nothing these days, and it is all price price price. Apple may not have the most aggressive pricing with their new iPad, and the fact that they make high quality products, that feel great, look great, and work well, and the fact that people buy them regardless of the premium price tag, mean that they are not missing a trick by making lower quality products, that are cheaper. The statistics that show mobile Safari going from around 55% browser share, to 64% in the past 11 months, and Android from 16%-21%. (source:, really proves that the sector is growing, and will continue to grow. The fact of the matter is that we have 2 operating systems, and a number of devices, and healthy competition is what keeps the market flowing. If no manufacturer made a 7" device, then would the marketplace have them in there? Probably not. Competition creates choice for the consumer. There is always going to be people who buy cheap, and people who buy premium, so let there be that distinct difference. I'm bored of the Android bashing, and the Apple bashing, and it really isn't called for on a blog like this. Let the fan boys have that on their fanboy blogs.
  • Spencer
    @ m4rkm never a truer word spoken.... buy what works for you. be it function, form, status, cost, tech specs whatever... and shut the hell up about it. people will buy apple products. it's an established brand loyalty. if apple release an inferior product for more money... it will still sell millions. but it isn't your money they're spending. it's their cash... their purchase... they're happy. people who buy based on spec and cost might find this frustrating - and with cause. just leave them alone. it's not your money being spent.
  • Steve O.
    Fucking fan boys. Even a tongue-in-cheek dig in the ribs brings out the frothing defenders.
  • Stu
    SteveO proves that the one thing worse than a fanboy is someone posting about the fanboy. Of course posting to complain about a poster complaining about a poster also seems rather silly I guess
  • Ric B.
    But M4RKM Google has its own software infrastructure that works incredibly well, the argument's Apple fanboys use are often misguided, inaccurate and usually totally wrong! Eg shortage of Tablet specific apps. No need as Android apps have to scale to fit the various resolution's of different devices, many of which are HD phones so no point doing a tablet specific app. Google Play is full of Malware. Err no it isn't and in 3 years and 5 different devices I've had one app remotely removed by Google and 1 Avast advised of its removal. Apple have these issues too! Google are deliberately hitting the market with higher spec devices that cost considerably less (even 1/2 the price) than equivalent Apple devices so people question the cost of Apple ownership. Shiny finishes can only go so far and remember that 18 months ago Android had just 5% of the Tablet market - it now has over 40% and increasing rapidly. Apple are running out of ideas, their business plan is faltering to the point where they are resorting to attacking rival products with product launches ( namely the Nexus 7 at the Mini's launch) and with Microsoft entering the market too then its only going to get worse for them. If both Microsoft and Google advertise their products over the Christmas period as much as Apple spends then they could have a very rough time of it and the beginning of the end could become a RIM like reality!
  • nexus l.
    Collected a Nexus 7 32gb up for my teenage daughter last night and must say I'm actually impressed with its speed, ease of use etc - for £199 it a decent device. just need to get their version of an OTG lead and happy days. the lack of sd card slot is a pain but with some planning this can be overcome
  • tin
    Ric B just proved M4RKM's point it seems
  • Joey G.

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