Google launch cycle maps

Really fast broadband, yesterdayBicyclists polarise opinion, with some drivers wanting them all rounded up and shot, while others simply wonder how people can afford such expensive bikes. Either way, they're there and not disappearing anytime soon.

And with that, Google are including them in their maps.

Cycle maps have been a feature with Google in the US for a while now, but the UK has been thoroughly left out. Until now! On Google Maps, you'll now see a little cyclist icon, which means you can plot your pedal route. Obviously.

Apparently, it still isn't perfect, sending cyclists down normal roads, avoiding National Cycle Routes, but it won't be long before National Cycle Network routes will be added.

Of course, there's a whole host of other options available, such as CycleStreets, but that'll hammer your phone's battery, so maybe Google need to buck up and sort this out. Whatever the outcome, this will be a welcome addition of British cyclists.



  • Pedalling P.
    this will be a welcome addition of British cyclists "To", Gimmers "TO British cyclists". Well done that lad with all those glaring omissions & lack of proofreading / basic English language skills you'll make someone a great juurnalish sum day.
  • Eh?
    @Pedalling Pedant, surely it should be "for" rather than "to"?
  • Milky
    @ Eh, technically both would be o.k. use of there ..seeing as the language has fucked orf down the swanee & estuary English proliferates, with it's howler monkey sounds n'all that.
  • Milky
    Oh good god , wonky henry will be up for some of this, all the best fox bumming sites will now be within a pedals reach of him.
  • The B.
    4 stages won by Brits now, just saying.
  • Pedestrian
    Will it show the cunts where the red lights are? Will it make them stop at pedestrian crossings? No? Waste of fucking time then. Bastards the lot of them.
  • Stu_
    Er, yeah. And it sends you down footpaths clearly marked "No Bicycles"
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    I see motorists jumping reds all the time.
  • Mustapha S.
    You're colour blind, aren't you PP?
  • Punch
    But you hardly even see a motorist come up to a red light, and then just jump on the pavement to avoid it and carry on going.
  • Punch
    ...sometimes on liveleak Russia.
  • confused c.
    @ punch, this is frequently seen in Turin especially scooter riders. Pedestrians beware

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