Google has updated Street View - who’s looking at YOUR house?

8 March 2013

Fans of personal privacy may want to check Google Street View to see whether they’ve taken a nice photo of your house to show to aspiring burglars.

Google have refreshed their maps of UK cities including London, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff, and have also included new images of the Scottish coast, East Anglia and South Wales. That’s on top of a load of European cities, plus towns in Russia and Bulgaria. All in all, Google added 250,000 miles to Street View last year.

But those who contacted Google in 2009 to ask for their homes to be blurred out have found their houses and worldly goods are there for all to see in the updated version. Irate homeowners have had to apply again for their houses to be removed from the map.

So is your home on the refreshed version? Has the Google Street View camera captured you opening your curtains with your winkie out?

And is Google really a magnet for burglars, or would they just come round IRL with a crowbar anyway?

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  • jimmy
    Unless you're caught leaving a sex shop with a can of special brew on a 'duvet day' I can't see what the problem is. As far as I can tell house burglaries haven't become more frequent or more successful since the introduction of Google Street View so the argument is a non-starter.
  • Euan
    Well, there's at least one lucky gentleman in Manchester who was photographed pants-down whilst receiving a hand shandy from a lady of negotiable virtue...
  • Martyn
    link ?
  • Euan
    OK, since the first attempt goes into moderation, how about
  • Euan
    Note that Google have now blacked out the actual Street View around that postcode...

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