Google go after pop-ups

Google go after pop-ups

Hate pop-ups on the internet? So do Google, and they're going to go to town on them.

The pop-ups and interstitials that slow down your browsing time are going to see websites ranking lower on Google's search engine, because no-one really likes them.

Of course, some sites make their money through these things, but the increase in adblockers shows that publishers need to do some work in making adverts, which create revenue for them, work better for readers instead of irritating the living piss out of them.

Now, Google aren't going to ask sites to remove pop-ups overnight, but it looks like Google are going to start weighing up just how useful a pop-up is for a reader.

Last year, Google started to 'penalise' websites that weren't mobile friendly, and they also started to give sites with encryption a higher ranking. These are some of the things Google are looking for, in terms of sites being practical and helpful for people online.

So, if you have a pop-up that asks for your age before you get into a site, that'll be fine. However, if you grey out your website until someone hits the little 'X' in the pop-up, that'll be less kindly looked upon.

The changes for pop-ups will come into play, kicking off on January 10th, where Google will start burying sites "where content is not easily accessible."

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