Google Glass - now for prescription lenses

28 January 2014

google glass Google Glass is a lot of things, but handsome ain't one. With drivers getting pestered by the police for wearing them and the FBI chucking cinema-goers out, they've not exactly set the world on fire. And so, to try and make them more desirable, Google have said that you'll now be able to get Glass as part of some prescription specs.

This is still US-only, but it gives us a clue as to how this wearable technology will look by the time it rolls out worldwide.

For the moment, people can buy the frames from Google for $225 a pop, with the Glass technology itself a further $1,500. You'll have to get your lenses fitted yourself though. You can buy four frames from Google's Glass store; Bold, Split, Curve and Thin.

Of course, these frames are aimed at the sort of people you'd expect to find in a graphic design company, but if Google aren't careful, they're going to end up making people look like embarrassing salesmen with Bluetooth headsets on.

Hands up if you actually want to own Google Glass.

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  • klingelton
    hand down.
  • JM
    no more left hand can go hands free. Whats no to like?

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