Google gives you Domains

25 June 2014

google-plus-logo Google have quietly launched Google Domains.

The search engine with ideas above its station have soft launched Google Domains as an invite-only affair.

So if you finally want to claim .amazing or .hotcockaction, you can!

It’s being billed as an easy way to set up an address on the Web with simple management tools, yet Google had always carped on about that it didn't do it, and suggested the likes of GoDaddy

Google Domains, though, has features that might make people think twice before going with other registration services. For instance, Google will cover the cost for private registration—that is, keeping your name, address and contact information from the public eye.

The service also includes branded email, such as [email protected], and forwarding to other domains or websites.

Google is billing its vast Internet infrastructure as another perk, promising quick and reliable links between the domain and its websites.


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