Google gives out etiquette guide for Glass - don't be a Glasshole

19 February 2014

google glass Google are very keen for everyone to buy their wearable Glass technology, but they also want to tell you that there's a correct way to use it.

With that, they've released a list of dos and don'ts, along with their idea of social etiquette, like they're some kind of finishing school for web-designers with Fixie bikes.

Of course, new companies aren't happy referring to you as a 'customer' or 'consumer', so have to come up with cloying titles that force the idea of some kind of loose-knit community. For Glass, Google have come up with 'Explorers'. Explorers of 'the urban jungle' no doubt.

The post says: "The first Explorers were developers from Google I/O 2012 and people who told us what they would do #ifihadglass. Since then, we've continued to expand the Explorer Program. We're at the start of a long journey and we're looking to our Explorers to help us develop this new technology. Since the program started, our Explorers have gotten a lot of attention when they wear Glass out and about. Reactions range from the curious - Wow! Are those the 'Google glasses'? How do they work? - to the suspect - Goodness gracious do those things see into my soul?!"

If you've managed to recover from that hilarious jape, the guide says that people are encouraged to explore your surroundings (maximising your chances of getting mugged or mocked), utilise the range of voice commands (making you look mental), ask permission before taking any photos or videos (fair enough, but that won't be heeded by dirty buggers), use the glass screen lock (fine) and to be an active member on the Glass Explorer Community (use a lot of hashtags in things, no doubt).

As for the don'ts, Google point out that you shouldn't invade people's space, not staring at the screen too much or reading too intently (which they've called 'Glassing-out') because, seeing as you're looking at a screen no-one can see, you'll look like a dribbling lunatic on the bus. You shouldn't wear the device while doing extreme sports, try not to be creepy and, in Google's own words, don't be a "Glasshole".

If you want to see what Google have to say about it all, have a look at their post

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  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    How are these ever going to work when you look like a twat walking down the street and not concentrating , you'll be like a pinball in pinball machine in somewhere like Oxford street

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