Google getting ready to join in the eBook-selling scuffle


Google are said to be on the brink of rivalling Amazon in the digital bookselling stakes by launching their own eBook-selling ‘platform’ in the UK. However the biggest stumbling block appears to be that their eBooks won’t work on Amazon’s Kindle.

Google had a secret meeting last week with more than 100 independent booksellers, outlining their plans and explaining how it would all work. Sources suggest that the service will allow independents to have access to selling e-books, with an independent able to add a Google e-bookstore to its website, or act as an affiliate, which means it would receive a commission for sending a customer to Google’s e-bookstore from their own website. That make sense?

The US version of Google’s eBooks ‘offering’ launched last year - purchased eBooks are stored in an online library with readers able to access their books on laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and e-readers. Additionally, since 2004, Google Books has digitised more than seven books. No, not seven, but 15 million, from 35,000 publishers.

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