Google forcing AdBlocker users to sit through adverts

new google logo If you're using software like AdBlock, you may have been surprised to see some adverts from Google. It looks like they've been punishing people who use the software, by making them sit through long commercials with no option to skip.

A number of people have griped on social networks that they're having to sit through lengthy ads when watching YouTube videos, when they're using Google's Chrome browser.

Be Williams, who is the director of AdBlock, reckons that these adverts only appeared because of an "issue in Chrome" which they're hoping Google will fix. Now, if this is just a small glitch that Google had genuinely missed, they must thinking that there's a way they can continue you this, keep pushing revenue-generating adverts and claim innocence.

Google haven't made a comment yet, as they're probably a bit busy changing the typeface for something, unable to hear everyone shouting 'erm, excuse me!' while they wring some extra pennies out of these YouTube commercials.

Possibly. Don't sue us.


  • bill
    I've had this the past week. E verytime I try to watch youtube they make me watch a 3 minute long trailer of the danish girl, or a yakult advert with no option to skip. F that s. So i stopped using youtube.
  • meh
    Stop using Chrome. Simples.
  • Father J.
    Who the fuck uses Chrome anyway??
  • Itsfrothyman
    Open a new Chrome window and type chrome://apps/ into the URL bar, then return. See the YouTube app icon? Ctrl-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) it and Delete. Enjoy YouTube with skippable ads.

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