Google: finally trying to clean up Android's apps

31 March 2014

android_logo Getting apps on Android, for the dimmer amongst us, can be a bit tricky. Some of them are made by nasty people who want to do you wrong.

Well, Google have tinkered with their Google Play Developer Program Policy, so they can begin cleaning up their app market place. Now, there's a specific provisions in the policy which tells developers what type of content is permissible for apps.

It looks like these policy changes focus mainly on the elimination of dodgy ads.

The new revision says that apps are prohibited from engaging in or benefiting from identified inappropriate behaviour. They want to put an end to deceptive ads, redirection to another portals without full consent of users. They're also looking at ending unsolicited promotions through SMS services and tricking users into downloading apps through those fake system dialogue box pop-ups.

Google are basically telling developers that any simulation or impersonation of a user interface of any other app is now prohibited.

Of course, with this, there's a bit of Mary Whitehousing going on, as Google is now getting jumpy about erotic content. They've said that content of apps can no longer be erotic just to promote pornography.

Looks like Android is getting sensible.

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