Google employees complain online about their jobs

Bitterwallet - Google logo You may think that Apple employees have a weird, near-evangelical calm about them, mixed with aching hipsterdom and middle-class hair, but they've got nothing on the whining saps at Google.

Employees at Google have been anonymously posting all the things they hate about working for the tech behemoth over at Quora.

One of the common complaints is that they all feel they're overqualified for their roles. One user said: "Google has a very high hiring bar due to the strength of the brand name, the pay and perks, and the very positive work culture," said one user. "As a result, they have their pick of bright candidates, even for the most low-level roles."

"There are students from top 10 colleges who are providing tech support for Google's ads products, or manually taking down flagged content from YouTube," they further boo-hooed.

This is griping about a company that has 'campus' HQs, so you can have free access to a swimming pool, gym, pool tables and there's other perks like free haircuts, free food and benefits when you die. Better than most jobs? Not if you're the kind of spoiled, simpering git that works for Google. One employee complained about the "constant professional boredom and intellectual malaise that's always saccharine sugar coated by a layer of constant awe on the part of people you meet outside Google."

"I habitually describe my time working as an AdWords monkey as being like a janitor at the UN," the user went on. "You know that theoretically great world changing things are going on in the building, but all you ever really see is shit."

An ex-employee, Kevin X Chang, said: "So, if you ask me whether it's worth working at Google - yes, it is; you'll learn a lot; is it worth to stay there? – no... you may become one of them."

While everyone cried into their laps, one drive-by comment simply said: "Try being a contractor there. You do all the real work, but none of the real perks."

If you want to have a look at the moaning and whining, click here.


  • Grammar N.
    Free haircuts, free food and benefits when you die aren't great selling points. I would rather have those things while I'm alive.
  • DragonChris
    I can completely understand the final point about being a contractor as the same happens at Microsoft - the bulk of their workforce are contractors/vendors who are not 'full' employees so don't get any of the perks (like use of the gym, use of the discounted MS shop, none of the free stuff that is handed out to the higher ups like free phones, xboxes, tablets etc) yet without those vendors working full time, nothing would get done but the 'full' employees (read: managers on 6 figure salaries+) get everything! It's bullshit.

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