Google ditches background experiment on homepage after 14 hours

google homepageDid you see Google's homepage yesterday? It gave you the chance to have a background on it and... zzzzzzz. Customisable internet gubbins is big business and Google have been tinkering with their homepage for a while, in an attempt to make it more interesting.

Lately, the hit gold with the playable Pacman logo [more on that here if you've been living in a cave] but yesterday, they were wide of the mark with this pointless picture feature, leaving the company to scrap the experiment after a mere 14 hours.

It didn't prove popular with internet users as "Google background" was only the seventh most popular search term on Google yesterday. Getting nearly as many searches was "remove Google background".

There was indeed a link to remove the background on the bottom left of the page, but it seems that it wasn't obvious enough and thanks to it being a white text link, no-one could even see it against the normal background or any light colours at all. This experiment was meant to run for 24 hours, but Google pulled it with 10 hours to spare. Google vice president Marissa Mayer even went as far as informing her followers how to remove the backgrounds via her Twitter account.

If you are signed in with your Google account, you'll still have the picture of a naked woman or whatever it is you stuck up (most likely, people have used it like a picture frame on their desk and used a snap of their hideous family or something). For now at least, it seems that Google's homepage will remain the iconic white background which has become synonymous with the company.



  • Gunn
    I personally liked it, but it did slow down the page opening by a few extra seconds.
  • get r.
    @goon: You liked somthing that slowed down the page opening? When I saw the backjground and realised I'd need to register a google account to remove it I thought "I'll try Bing" - of course now I see what google were trying to copy! Yuk! All The Web was the only 'light-weight' search engine I could find and it ain't that good. Here's hoping google don't go insane again ;-)
  • Nobby
    There was also four little coloured blobs at the end of the google logo which you can click on to get rid of it. I found I couldn't read any text with the background picture. It's a bit like getting someone to draw a picture over text in a book, it makes it harder to read and just gets annoying.
  • stedaman
    It was stupid...It slowed down the page...if I wanted something like that I could have done it myself. The google page is plain and simple, don't try to fix anything which isn't broken.. The pacman game was cool though.
  • Bunk
    Never see the damn thing anyway as chrome searches automatically, or firefox/ie etc have seartch bars
  • The B.
    Twas a foul and nefarious thing, me searches be ruined and me optic narves frazzled, yar.
  • andy y.
    I saw good picture of a fox
  • -] Never see any of the shat google try feeding you (ads, bg images, no cookies) ever again.
  • Nookster
    It's laughable what passes for gruelling hardship nowadays.

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