Google close down Nexus One online phone store

22 July 2010

Bitterwallet -competition! Win a Google Nexus One

It came among us, threatening to forever change the way we looked at, thought about and felt about mobile phones, but now, POOF, it’s more or less dead.

We speak of course of the Nexus One, Google’s attempt to break into the mobile handset market. When they launched the thing over in USAmerica, the big plan was that they would sell the handset directly to customers online, cutting out the middle man altogether.

Sadly, the cunning plan never really took off and by the time the HTC-made Nexus One was launched in the UK, Vodafone stores were flogging the thing. But now Google have pulled the plug on their online phone store and after recently announcing that no more Nexus handsets would be released, that’s pretty much that.

But Nexus One owners shouldn’t panic – it’s a well-regarded chunk of phone and the latest Android upgrade, Froyo is available for it now. It just seems that Google will be  concentrating on the software and are leaving the hardware to others.


  • PaulH
    I was under the impression that they were just not selling it direct from Google but only through Vodafone etc
  • Pheonix
    Actually the "cunning" plan was aimed more at getting the lazy 3rd party manufacturers off their butts and designing/building mobile phones for Android that could really compete against the iPhone! Remember when this phone was being developed we were still reeling from the pile of poo that was the G1
  • Andy D.
    @PaulH - It's the American online shop that is closing, which more or less kills it in the USA. Still available through Vodafone in the UK, but for how long?
  • Mienaikage
    Nexus One = HTC Desire, N1 had barely any promotion though
  • The B.
    They're still selling it through all of their partner stores, has anyone even seen one in the wild? I've seen all flavours of Android but I've yet to see a Nexus.
  • PaulH
    I've seen 1 - Some Spanish guy had it
  • The B.
    Nah, that was the Spanish version, the Nexus Juan.

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