Google Chrome to run console games

9 December 2011

ChromeGoogle's Chrome browser is about to get serious (well, entertainingly serious) thanks to some new tech from the web giant. Using Google's new Native Client technology, games developers are now able to run compiled code in the browser, which means you'll be able to play console games in the same way as casual and social titles.

Super great!

Warner Bros and Square Enix have signed up, with the former releasing XBLA and PC title Bastion earlier today.

It's free to install and can be played on any computer with Chrome and a compatible graphics card.

Square Enix are working on a browser version of Mini Ninjas, a fun action-adventure game developed by Hitman studio IO Interactive.

Speaking at Native Client's unveiling at the GooglePlex headquarters in California, Square Enix chief executive Yoichi Wada said: "Let us begin this new era together. Google's Native Client will be welcomed worldwide as a truly innovative technology industry and game industry as well."

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  • Mark W.
    When I read this I thought it said 'Google Chrome to ruin console games'
  • Zleet
    And cue Apple and Microsoft gobbling up a few small companies that do something almost the same and then using patents to sue the shit out everyone and everything.
  • Liam
    Basically, a competitor to OnLive. Makes sense why they are going ahead with the controller support in the browser. With Android ICS doing the same, could we see a Chrome port anytime soon?
  • Mark H.
    @ Liam 'Basically, a competitor to OnLive.' Not really as still need 'a compatible graphics card' whereas with Onlive any old shit will do.

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