Google challenge Uber with carpooling app

Google carpool

Uber found that they had a rival on the horizon in the shape of Karhoo, and now there's another!

Google have launched a carpooling service, which you will be able to find in their maps app, Waze.

Apparently, the smartphone app is designed "to connect Waze users that need a ride with Waze users headed in the same direction". You'll be able to drive to your location, and you can take a passenger who will have to give you some money as reimbursement.

The app is called Waze Carpool, and is being tested in San Francisco.

As there's no profit in it, you can't imagine that people in the UK are really going to go for an idea like this, even if its heart is in the right place.

"Waze Carpool focuses on covering costs, not generating an income," said Waze.

"Waze Carpool makes it easy to help a neighbour or colleague in your area. Detours are minimal so your drive to work is almost the same, you get to ride in the carpool lane, and the rider you pick up helps cover your commuter costs - so why not?"

Because you don't want a potential nutter sat in your car, talking to you inanely, if you're not going to make a bit of money out of it?

We're more interested in the taxi service that Google comes up with once we all get the green light to sit in a driverless car.

Anyway, you can watch a video about Waze's carpooling idea, below.

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  • Chris

    Google challenge uber? 

    This service is very disimilar to Uber and Google has money invested in Uber! 

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